Planet Health

On the road to climate neutrality

If we are to grow sustainably, we must consider our resources. To reduce our ecological footprint, we at BD Rowa are taking ambitious measures to enable us to offer climate-neutral products in the medium term.

BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for pharmacies BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for pharmacies

Our Planet Health activities

Our ISO 14001 certification (environmental management) has laid the foundation for our ecological commitment as a pioneer in the industry.

We aim to reduce our direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) by 10 percent each year. In our new Kelberg building, we focus on high energy efficiency thanks to modern building standards such as LED lighting, waste heat recovery and a photovoltaic system on the roof.

We are gradually converting our car fleet to e-mobility wherever possible. We can then recharge their batteries in Kelberg in a climate-neutral way. We already avoid unnecessary journeys using home offices and video conferencing instead of offices and flights.

Smart glasses help us train new technicians and troubleshoot on-site issues, particularly internationally. This avoids (air) travel to distant destinations.

Our flagship is our drug vending machine. We are aware of its ecological footprint thanks to a comprehensive carbon lifecycle assessment – and we’re also working to reduce this footprint. In product development, we set ourselves high energy and material consumption targets. Our systems’ longevity and reliability are also essential factors since many of our systems remain operational for more than 15 years.

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