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We offer solutions for the safe and fast order picking of small and large order volumes for the pharmaceutical wholesale and eCommerce business. Reliable, industry-proven technology helps achieving high performance in the supply chain even in peak times.

BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for the pharmaceutical distribution BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for the pharmaceutical distribution
BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for the pharmaceutical distribution

Innovative solutions for automated medication management

  • Through the use of our systems, your processes can be accelerated – from incoming goods and serialization to warehouse management and stocktaking right up to order picking and tracking.
  • Individually scalable solution design – adapts to your requirements now and in the future.
  • Connection to your ERP systems and material flow controllers via our proprietary interface already in use all over the world.
  • Monthly evaluations in the machine management dashboard for continuous improvement of the performance of your warehouse

How the BD Rowa™ products can improve your internal logistics

From incoming goods to warehouse management right up to safe and reliable, tote-based order picking, especially of medium and slow movers as well as refrigerated medications and controlled medication.

BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for the pharmaceutical distribution

BD Rowa@Besamex

Together with the partners SSI Schäfer und Zitecs, BD Rowa optimizes the warehouse of the mail-order pharmacy Besamex.

BD Rowa™ FADE process

An overview of your project with us

BD Rowa™ PDCA process

We provide you with valuable information. You retain complete control.

  1. We continuously check your articles in the system.
  2. We can replace the medication quickly and easily if rebate contracts are modified.
  3. You receive an overview of which medications have become fast movers and slow sellers.
  4. We continuously analyze your warehouse capacity and proactively alert you to potential for optimization.
  5. We act in good time when your warehouse is coming up against its limits and assist you with the expansion of your warehouse capacity.
  6. We compile reports with all the important KPIs and make them available to you transparently in a machine management portal.

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Questions for BD Rowa™

Our systems are used by a wide range of pharmaceutical wholesalers around the world as well as by other industrial customers. Our solutions are particularly suitable for medium and slow movers as well as refrigerated medications and controlled medication. Speed, reliability, and high availability of our solutions are always a matter of course for us.

We have pooled our many years of experience and problem-solving skills for you: the multi-tiered BD Rowa™ service concept was developed specially for the wholesale industry and is tailored to your requirements. Upon request, we offer a multi-tiered service level organization on our side that cooperates actively with involved staff on your side. Alternatively, you can also choose a full service solution.

We developed the WWKS2 interface so as to be able to connect the material flow controllers and ERP systems in use without any problems. This interface has been installed thousands of times and has proven itself to be reliable.

With the order picking system from BD Rowa™, the effort associated with documenting the batch number and serial number is extremely low. The system records the information contained in the 2D data matrix code via the scanner when adding the items to the stock and communicates this information directly to the ERP system. When the items are removed from the stock, the information is assigned to the orders in the ERP system via a real-time interface. This makes it possible to produce seamless documentation at any time.

Our internal logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry comprise a combination of scalable order picking systems and efficient order buffer systems. They can be integrated into your existing infrastructure with no problems, allow seamless documentation, and increase your process stability.

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