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Micro Fulfillment Center for the local pharmacy

Pharmacies are also affected by the digital transformation and changing customer requirements. The dispensary has long since ceased to be the only place where drugs are dispensed. Pre-ordering, last-mile delivery and pickup were established a while ago, all enabling closer proximity to customers and faster delivery.

Micro Fulfillment for pharmacies for preorders, last mile and pickup Micro Fulfillment for pharmacies for preorders, last mile and pickup

Pharmacies with increased order volumes can use a centralized filling point for branches, pickup and last-mile deliveries.

The process at a glance

The pharmacy’s Micro Fulfillment Center processes orders for the individual branches and the last-mile delivery service and prepares them for delivery. This logistics hub can also be located outside cities, e.g., in an industrial area.

1. Incoming orders

A webshop receives non-prescription, over-the-counter and prescription orders (e-prescription). Electronic payments can then be made in the webshop and a link to the pharmacy inventory management system can be made available.

2. Preparation of the order

The ordered products are retrieved from the dispensing robots or reordered from the wholesaler.

3. Picking

Orders are collected in totes as in the wholesale trade. Each destination address is picked separately.

4. Distribution

The totes are distributed to the destination addresses, including branches, a pickup terminal, and the person who placed the order.

5. Delivery

Drugs are dispensed by the pharmacy, from the terminal or delivered right to the patient’s front door by a last-mile delivery service.

The specific modules used to implement the process

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