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Discover our extensive digital product portfolio and make shopping a memorable experience for your customers.

BD Rowa™ Vmotion

The eye-catching solution for interactive consultation and an attractive presentation of offers and services.

BD Rowa™ Vmotion Cloud

With the BD Rowa™ Vmotion Cloud, our specially developed content management system behind the screens, you can easily manage and design your content: from your desk or even from home.

How the BD Rowa™ products support your customers

Convey an appealing and modern atmosphere which turns the visit to the pharmacy into a true experience.

Your benefits at a glance

Future-proof technologies

BD Rowa™ makes taking your first steps in the digital world easy. We make the very latest trends and technologies compatible for your needs and give your pharmacy a modern look.


Our solutions work to enhance your customers’ shopping experience. By making your services and added service value visible, you increase customer loyalty in the long term.

Everything from a single source

BD Rowa™ offers all the solutions you need from one source to ensure the perfect interplay of systems. Benefit from cooperation with renowned manufacturers and industrial partners.

Questions to BD Rowa™

Digital OTC displays make it possible to appeal to customers emotionally and individually. As soon as they enter the pharmacy, the customers have the sensation of a modern shopping experience and feel at ease right away. We differentiate between solutions that are placed in the sales area and those for discreet advice.

At present, self-checkout solutions are more common in standard retail situations. However, self-checkout solutions are also becoming a viable option for more and more pharmacies. This is linked on the one hand to the ever-expanding OTS range that pharmacy customers can pay for directly at the terminal. On the other hand, pharmacies are also increasingly introducing information terminals and focusing at the sales counter and in the OTS area exclusively on advising and assisting customers. This allows them to transfer the payment process for all items to the self-checkout terminal with ease.


The BD Rowa™ Pickup is connected to the order picking system in the pharmacy. The customers can collect their preordered and prepaid goods at the terminal using a collection code without standing in line at the sales counter. This allows the pharmacy team to dedicate more time to helping new customers.

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