BD Rowa™ Service

You can count on our word

We combine modern technologies with a human touch and the expertise of our staff. We offer personal support – from planning through to training and after-sales service.

BD Rowa hotline for 24/7 customer support BD Rowa hotline for 24/7 customer support

What the BD Rowa™ Service represents

We guarantee you a carefree package. In addition to personal contact and continuous support, this includes a broad range of training offerings and state-of-the-art remote maintenance technology.


Our hotline staff are available around the clock, seven days a week. Our extensive service technician network with 170 technicians ensures short response times when you need them.

Awarded Service

We rely on the latest technology, enabling us to support you remotely, look after your system with foresight, and take action even before irregularities occur. We have even received awards for this, including the renowned “BARC Best Practice Award Business Intelligence and Analytics”.

One portal – many possibilities

With our online portals, we offer you round-the-clock access to various services – from the webshop and the customer portal with real data from your machines all the way over to a comprehensive learning platform for your entire team.

BD Rowa™ carefree package

In the best hands from the word go

BD Rowa hotline for 24/7 customer support

Pharmacy renovation during operation

From planning to installation at your side

Our services

We offer various service levels and packages for our target groups. We work according to the ITIL service value system. This guarantees you short response times, lean processes and continuous improvement in the digital age.


Totally carefree

  • BD Rowa™ Comfort Service
  • BD Rowa™ Predictive Service
Central distribution

Unbeatable reliability

  • BD Rowa™ Comfort Service
  • BD Rowa™ Predictive Service
  • BD Rowa™ Managed Service
  • BD Rowa™ Availability Service
Pouch packaging

Safety first

  • BD Rowa™ Comfort Service
  • BD Rowa™ Predictive Service
  • BD Rowa™ Managed Service
  • BD Rowa™ Availability Service

Questions for BD Rowa™

Absolutely! Automation is possible without a complete conversion. As a rule, this depends on the conditions on site. BD Rowa™ has already realized many projects of this kind. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For the interim storage of your medication, BD Rowa™ offers two different rental system options during the conversion period:

You can set up a BD Rowa™ Smart System temporarily in your pharmacy.

You can set up a BD Rowa™ system in a container in front of your pharmacy and have your medication transported conveniently to the counter via a connection.

We are well aware of how sensitive your data and that of your customers are, which is why we set great store by IT security. We use the most secure routers and firewall systems (Barracuda) available on the market.

Thanks to our extensive service network, our technicians are normally with you in under four hours. Furthermore, our service hotline staff are able to switch to your system using the picking head cameras. This allows lots of problems to be solved remotely.


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