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Discover our systems for safe and efficient pouch packaging for individual patients.

BD Rowa™ Dose

The system offers the high-quality, safe, and simultaneously cost-effective secondary pouch packaging of solid and orally administered medications possible. Suitable for the Unit, Multi, and Combi Dose.

ZIUZ ApolloZ* / Iris

Automated control of patient-specific pouch rolls. The contents of the individual pouches are analyzed and checked for errors using innovative image recognition technologies.

BD Rowa Dose offers patient-specific pouch packaging of medicines.

BD Rowa™ Smart Dose

The intelligent software controls and monitors the entire production process for pouches from deblistering to the finished pouch and final check.

BD Rowa Dose offers patient-specific pouch packaging of medicines.

BD Rowa™ Dose

The new standard for pouch packaging

Automated medication packaging with BD Rowa™

From incoming goods and the storage of goods to the blister packaging of goods right up to the final checks and order picking of the pouch rolls.

Your benefits at a glance


Automation of the entire process from incoming goods and deblistering through to pouch packaging and checking makes working even more efficient. The intelligent control software BD Rowa™ Smart Dose guarantees smooth-running processes.

Patient safety

The pouch packaging is checked using 13 parameters and quickly detected – up to 5,400 pouches are possible in an hour. As such, the error rate is reduced to a minimum (1.33 ppm).

GMP validation

The control software BD Rowa™ Smart Dose is GMP-compliant and validated accordingly. This is the basic prerequisite for use of the BD Rowa™ Dose in many European pouch packaging centers.

*Availability dependent on country/region

Questions for BD Rowa™

The BD Rowa™ Dose system impresses with its low error rate and corresponds to the GMP criteria. The use of the ZiuZ ApolloZ ensures checking of the produced blister pouches.

We don’t just sell systems; we also help you plan your entire workflow. Our solution designers will help you implement the GMP criteria.

The foil is certified for the Green Dot and can be returned to the recycling loop by the end consumer via the dual system.

BD Rowa™ Dose is the only system on the market to work with a bidirectional interface. This allows it to be connected up to other systems.

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