BD Rowa™

Your partner for dispensing robots

We are your partner at eye level and at your side every step of the way towards automation. Benefit from our experience with 13,000 automation projects worldwide.

Pharmacists in front of a robot Pharmacists in front of a robot
Convenience and safety for you and your customers

A trustworthy partner at eye level

  • By your side: benefit from 99.9% reliability* with worry-free automation solutions from a single source.
  • By your side: with intelligent and future-proof products the knowledge and experience from 13,000 plants in 60 countries.
  • By your side: with products that meet the diverse needs of our customers in a wide range of industries.

Discover our products

A wide, flexible portfolio specially tailored to your sector and personal requirements.

BD Rowa develops, produces and markets its products for pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry.

How is a BD Rowa™ dispensing robot manufactured?

Take a peek behind the scenes at how our systems are made in Kelberg, Germany.

BD Rowa™ in numbers

Our customers see us as a sparring partner, a forward-looking company, and a problem-solver. The “basic” facts are also a testament to that.

More than 25 years of experience

We have been active on the market for more than 25 years. We then launched the first BD Rowa™ dispensing robot on the market. Since then, our portfolio has been extended to include digital solutions and pouch packaging.

More than 13,000 dispensing robots

13,000 dispensing robots in 60 countries indicate our systems’ reliability and quality. Each and every order picking system is still developed, produced, and readied for delivery in Kelberg, Germany.

More than 80 filed patents

Developing innovations for the patient and our customers is what drives us day after day. Our developers work tirelessly on innovative products to overcome the new challenges in healthcare and other sectors.

* Calculation based on service tickets raised under the “severity 1” for our 12,000 installed robots.

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