BD Rowa™ Dose

Personalized pouch packaging

  • High speed and safety thanks to innovative technology and optimal transport routes
  • Continuous pouch packaging process and direct access to all canisters, even during production
  • Convenient and complete cleaning since all components can be dismantled.
BD Rowa Dose offers patient-specific pouch packaging of medicines. BD Rowa Dose offers patient-specific pouch packaging of medicines.

Technical data


Width: Min. 3.08 m, max. 6.62 m (in increments of 96 cm per module)
Depth: 1.14 m
Height: 2.19 m


115 x 77 x 128 mm/51 ml (DxWxH)

115 x 77 x 96 mm /407 ml (DxWxH)


1 canister module:  80 – 140 canisters

2 canister modules: 160 – 280 canisters

3 canister modules: 240 – 420 canisters

4 canister modules: 320 – 560 canisters

5 canister modules: 400 – 700 canisters


Average at least 1.5 pouches/second


70 mm wide/85 mm high


Pouch Analytics: All KPIs at a glance

BD Rowa Pouch Analytics enables optimization of the production process

The combination of machine and process data enables optimization of the production process

  • Calculation of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), based on machine data (BD Rowa™ Dose and ZiuZ control unit)
  • Quality, machine performance, organizational availability on a clear OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) dashboard
  • Rapid visibility of inefficiencies, enabling ongoing optimization of the entire production process
  • Direct availability in the BD Rowa™ customer portal – can be accessed on any device with internet connection

Your benefits at a glance


BD Rowa™ Dose is a modular system which can be expanded as required. A broad spectrum of different medications can be dispensed from up to 700 canisters; special shapes are also possible.


Multiple pouch packages can be prepared simultaneously and packed continuously. All canisters can be accessed at all times during production.


High degree of pharmaceutical safety due to the low thermal load and reduced risk of breakage. Modern RFID technology ensures reliable recognition of canisters.

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