Click & collect and e-prescritions

24/7 service for click & collect customers

E-prescriptions make this possible: The prescription can arrive electronically at the pharmacy without the customer having to be physically present, opening the door for new offers such as pickup (Click & Collect) and the last-mile delivery service (Click & Delivery). This is a completely new pharmacy shopping experience which people already know from many other industries.

Apothekenkunden 24/7 bedienen Apothekenkunden 24/7 bedienen
BD Rowa Pickup for the collection of pre-ordered items in pharmacies.

24/7 collection made easy

The e-prescription makes picking up pre-ordered drugs easy, even outside the pharmacy’s opening hours.

The process at a glance

Secure and simple, the process flow is the same for all drugs and products. This ensures that no additional resources are tied up by processing online orders; on the contrary, the clear separation of logistics and customer communication means that personnel can be deployed in a more targeted manner.

1. Order and payment processing

A webshop receives non-prescription, over-the-counter and prescription orders (e-prescription). Electronic payments can then be made in the webshop and a link to the pharmacy inventory management system made available.

2. Consulting

Consultation takes place remotely by telephone, chat or video conference. This is a mandatory part of the process flow.

3. Outer packaging and labeling

The successful consultation is followed by the special packaging with name and address, making it clearly assignable.

4. Storage

When the goods are placed in the dispensing robots, the person placing the order receives an email with the QR pickup code.

5. Collecting the order from the pharmacy

During opening hours, the pharmacy staff can retrieve and deliver the prepared order from the dispensing robot via the cash register.

6. Collection 24/7

Alternatively, customers can hold up the QR code on their cell phone displays. The on-site pickup terminal scanner reads it and the order is automatically and securely placed.

The specific modules used to implement the process

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E-prescriptions and dispensing terminals

New opportunities for local pharmacies. The e-prescription is upon us, bringing innovations that will simplify everyday pharmacy work.


The last kilometre to the customer in less than 60 minutes

An overview and outlook on what the trend of express delivery means for the pharmacy of the future.


Self-service checkouts in pharmacies – payment in 15 seconds

To round off the good advice in the pharmacy on the new anti-aging product with a fast and pleasant payment process is self-checkout. A positive shopping experience ends with a good payment experience, also in the pharmacy.

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