Community Health

Networked local healthcare

Our society is constantly changing. Digitalization and mobility have entirely transformed our everyday lives – and accessibility to smartphones and tablets has become as fast as possible. However, what if I get sick and need a doctor or pharmacy near me?

BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for pharmacies BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for pharmacies

Our Community Health activities

Access to medical care is often difficult, especially for older people living in rural areas with limited mobility. The nearest pharmacy or physician is often many miles away, and the situation is even more difficult outside store opening hours.

We have been committed to social sustainability for years by strengthening and empowering local pharmacies to remain competitive and provide local healthcare services in the future. These additional pharmacy services include vaccinations at the pharmacy and the possibility of returning drugs.

Regarding infrastructure and transport in metropolitan areas, we are also working with partners such as ApoTune and Rytle to develop concepts for getting drugs to patients as efficiently, climate-neutrally and quickly as possible. Two examples here are decentralized order fulfillment and the intelligent planning and bundling of journeys using electric cargo bikes.

Technology can ensure greater local sustainability in cities and rural areas through pick-up terminals at pharmacies. They can make pre-ordered and over-the-counter drugs available 24/7.

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