The plus for dispensing doctors

Medication robots for your dispensary

Automation of your dispensary allows you to dispense medication with greater control – and without losses. We will be happy to assist you with running your dispensary more efficiently and profitably in the future.

BD Rowa offers a comprehensive portfolio for doctors

How efficient & safe is your dispensary?

  • A dispensing robot from BD Rowa manages your medications including expiry dates automatically and with minimal spatial requirements.
  • Increased patient safety due to less medication errors
  • Connection to practice management system possible

Increased profitability for your dispensary

Controlled dispensing

In combination with your conventional practice management software, your staff can check which medications need to be billed at the push of a button.

Avoid losses

Losses as a result of misplaced and expired medications are by no means a rare occurrence. The dispensing robot manages your medications including expiry dates automatically.

Stocktaking at the push of the button

Stocktaking and pharmacy audits are no longer a problem with an automated system, as it offers you a complete overview of your stock all year round.

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