BD Rowa ProLog enables fully automatic storage of packages in pharmacies.

BD Rowa™ EasyLoad

Fully automatic input

  • Reduction of manual workload
  • Whisper quiet
  • Time saving, with overnight inputting capabilities
  • Available as an external or integrated system


BD Rowa EasyLoad enables fully automatic storage of packages in pharmacies.

BD Rowa™ EasyLoad

Storage couldn’t be simpler with the fully automated, integrated input system.

Technical data

BD Rowa™ Easyload

BD ROWA™ iProLog


Directly next to the Robot or connected via BD Rowa EasyTransport solutions

Fully integrated in the BD Rowa™ Vmax


Square packages: Approx. 11 to 18 seconds per pack*

Round packages: On demand

Square packages: ca. 150 – 200 per hour

Round packages: ca. 120 per hour

With OCR function (square packages only): ca. 120 per hour


Square packages (min/max): 35 x 15 x15 mm / 250 x 150 x 120 mm

Round packages: On demand

Square packages (min/max): 35 x 15 x15 mm / 230 x 145 x 140 mm

Round packages (min/max): Ø 45 mm, height: 35 mm / Ø 140 mm, height: 145 mm


Length: 1,00 / 1,50 / 2,00 / 2,50 / 3,00 / 4,00 / 6,00 / 8,00 m

Length: ca. 0,89 m

* Value varies according to overall configuration.

OCR function will affect speed.

Benefits at a glance

Time saving

Manual workload is reduced to a minimum as the BD Rowa EasyLoad separates, measures, scans and inputs, all within a very short time.

Overnight inputting

The BD Rowa EasyLoads new level of reliability takes care of your incoming goods overnight with no disruptions.


Enjoy a pleasantly quiet working environment for both you and your staff.

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