Organize & communicate

ApoTune™ pharmacy management software makes it easier to organize administrative processes in the pharmacy, ranging from task management to document storage and quality management.

ApoTune™ Task & Point

Tasks are always in view – thanks to clear structures and small teams, all to-dos can be completed promptly and checked off digitally.

ApoTune™ Paperfree

The digital document archive is GoBD-compliant and makes mountains of files a thing of the past.

ApoTune™ QMS

Simple, centralized quality management for pharmacies and ISO 9001 certification. Contains all versions of the QMS manual.

Your benefits at a glance

Time is money

With ApoTune™ applications, you’ll be able to optimize the processes in your pharmacy, from A to Z! Never search, fret, or waste time again.

A strong team

Tasks are visible and traceable for everyone – also a massive benefit for your associates and a boost for their team spirit.

Everything is down & dusted

Essential documents and deadlines are always in view, so nothing is forgotten.

Questions for BD Rowa™

ApoTune™ always uses AES and SSL encryption for data transfer. All your data is stored on German servers with audit control. The document storage meets all GoBD standards (Principles for properly keeping and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access).

The control of who can see what sits with you and you can decide who can see what throughout the entire team. ApoTune™ has a sophisticated rights-roles management system, even across multiple stores.

All ApoTune™ applications run on your PCs. No server purchases or high hardware requirements are necessary. Installation takes less than two minutes per PC and is carried out as a Windows Client. ApoTune™ is set up in no time at all, even on a tablet or smartphone.

With digital processes, you never lose track of the big picture. Whether it’s tasks, invoices, contracts or the QMS manual – everything is always available from anywhere for any team members who need anything at all. Digitally “checking off” tasks and distributing them among small teams also means that less gets left undone, so pharmacies are always well prepared for the next QM audit.

ApoTune is a product of Apotune GmbH, Am Güterbahnhof 14, 46284 Dorsten, Germany and is advertised in cooperation with BD Rowa. Apotune GmbH is responsible for product information. If you have any questions about the product, please call +49 (0) 2362 98350080 or send an e-mail to

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