ApoTune™ Paperfree

The digital archive for your office

  • GoBD-compliant digitalization and archiving of documents
  • Full-text recognition
  • Assignment of contacts and objects
  • Fast information research

ApoTune™ Paperfree

A perfect overview of your documents and files

All your documents at a glance

ApoTune Apothekenmanagement-Software verschafft Ihnen den Überblick

The pharmacy management software gives you a complete overview

  • From bills to construction plans and personnel files
  • Reliable full-text search
  • Cross-branch access to all documents
  • Individual allocation of access rights
  • Optional destruction of original documents after scanning

Your benefits at a glance


Information is found immediately through full-text search and keywording.


ApoTune™ Paperfree GDPR-compliant. All data is encrypted and stored on German servers. GoBD standard for document storage.


Installation is completed quickly on your own PC. Operation is intuitive and learned quickly.

ApoTune is a product of blue:bizz edv Systemhaus GmbH, Haltener Str.29, 46284 Dorsten, Germany and is advertised in cooperation with BD Rowa. The blue:bizz edv Systemhaus GmbH is responsible for product information. If you have any questions about the product, please call +49 (0) 2362 98350080 or send an e-mail to info@blue-bizz.com.

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