Move & Ship

Discover our systems for the safe and efficient transport of packages and containers for order picking

BD Rowa™ Crate

The compact crate destacker allows for the space-saving and automatic provision of containers for order picking.


The company’s own roller track with drive transports containers to the filling point safely and quickly.


The company’s own conveyor technology (lift, belt, diverter) is customized accordingly and transports packages from the output point to the container or other location.

BD Rowa™ Order Buffer

The extremely compact system buffers orders and fills containers of various sizes in a very confined space for a high throughput at the filling point.

Your benefits at a glance


Automation of all processes in the medication stockroom minimizes the manual workload, cuts down the distances walked by staff, and increases the ROI.


Our systems are highly flexible and scalable and allow a solution to be designed to suit every scenario, even long distances or different floors can be easily bridged.


Increasing the level of automation and documentation renders processes and movements traceable and transparent in addition to reducing the error rate.

Questions for BD Rowa™

The advantages of the BD Rowa™ conveyor technology lies in the fact that our belts are considerably quieter and certain parameters such as the speed can be set remotely.

Thanks to the perfect interplay of our BD Rowa™ Vmax and BD Rowa™ Crate systems, needs-aligned conveyor technology, and the BD Rowa™ control software, we can offer an almost completely automated process which is extremely space- and resource-saving. The solution is perfect for home delivery pharmacies and small mail order pharmacy warehouses.

The BD Rowa™ Order Buffer is particularly well suited to large stockrooms and a high throughput of orders. The system offers an efficient solution by buffering jobs and is extremely space-saving due to its compact design. Together with the BD Rowa™ Vmax and the BD Rowa™ control software, the system ensures safe and efficient order picking.

The company’s own and internationally proven control software regulates the communication and interaction of the BD Rowa™ systems. The software can be connected to third party ERP systems via BD Rowa™ WWKS 2 interface, which is now well established on the market.

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