BD Rowa™ Crate & Roll Conveyor

Space saving storage of totes

  • Enables enormously space-saving buffering of order totes
  • Connected to the tote conveyor system, the totes are brought to the filling point automatically
  • Direct loading of the totes without restacking
  • Roller conveyor transports the totes to the filling point


BD Rowa Crate unstacks boxes for order picking. BD Rowa Crate unstacks boxes for order picking.

Product details

Dimensions BD Rowa™ Crate

2,135 × 2,700 × 913 mm

Tank capacity

90 (BD Rowa™ standard tote height, otherwise dependent on tote size)


approx. 120 totes / hour


Tote sizes (W × H × L): 270 – 370 × ≤320 × 345 – 505 mm
BD Rowa™ standard wholesale tote large (W × H × L): 330 × 280 × 490 mm
BD Rowa™ standard wholesale tote small (W × H × L): 330 × 165 × 490 mm

Components BD Rowa™ Roller Conveyor

Track widths (N): 325 or 425 mm
Roller pitch – distance between two rollers (RT): 90 or 60 mm
Minimum tote length: RT 90: 270 mm – RT 60: 180 mm
Maximum tote length: stowage space length – 490 mm
Maximum tote width (in the floor area): N 325: 288 mm – N 425: 388 mm
Noise level 65 to 70 dB (v> = 0.6 m / s)
Speed 0.3 – 1.2 m / s (ø 0.6 m / s)

BD Rowa ™ order picking for tote-based order processing

Thanks to the different system options, the degree of automation can be individually optimized – so that it fits your current process flow and budget.

Your benefits at a glance

Order picking

Thanks to the interaction of our systems – BD Rowa™ Vmax, BD Rowa™ Crate, the control software BD Rowa™ Smart Link and needs-based conveyor technology – we offer an almost completely automated process.

Increased security

By reducing incorrect picking, security is increased, correct stocks and precise goods control are guaranteed.


BD Rowa™ Crate can also be placed in the tightest of spaces. This also enables pharmacies with limited space to pick orders more safely, quickly and economically.

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