Approximately 40 companies applied for awards, which are divided into 6 different categories. A jury consisting of nine experts has awarded BD Rowa the Innovation & Research Award thanks to its advanced digital solutions that enable pharmacy to deliver integrated management of the store and to the revolutionary OCR technology which allows the automatic recognition of expiry dates engraved or printed on the packaging.


Technology for pharmacies

The manual input of the products at the pharmacy usually takes a considerable amount of time for the pharmacy staff and expired products generate substantial costs for the pharmacy. The activities related to product input are fully automated with Rowa ProLog®. The operation is very simple: you empty the basket of products and press "Start". The fully automatic system does the rest, 24 hours a day. The reading of the 2D barcode and the recognition of the expiry dates printed or engraved on the packaging contribute to greater precision in the management of the dispensary.

Management & Digital for pharmacies

A strategy must be measurable to evaluate its effectiveness. The new Rowa Analytics tool on the Vcloud interface can monitor the use of the screens for views, clicks, and time, combining the results with the sales data. Rowa Vmotion® becomes the heart of marketing of the pharmacy and the meeting point between digital progress and the central role of the pharmacist.