BD Rowa™is one of the 50 German Leaders

Kelberg, January 25, 2023 – Innovative spirit, growth champions and thinkers – these companies can be found among the 50 German Leaders. BD Rowa™ is among them, along with ThyssenKrupp, R+V Versicherung, Cornelsen and 46 other companies. With more than 12,000 automated picking systems now installed in pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and the luxury goods and logistic sectors, the company from Eifel region primarily helps to automate processes to deploy personnel more efficiently.


“Our systems automate processes with little value added in times of staff shortages. This includes, for example, warehouse maintenance, which we fully automate, including inventory and expiration date management. With our solutions, pharmacies save up to six hours a day, which they can use for offering more patient consultations and other healthcare services such as vaccinations,” explains Antonios Vonofakos, Vice President and Managing Director of BD Rowa™.


The company from the Eifel region, which has filed more than 80 patents, is one of the 50 leaders selected from among German companies by a delegation from the TBD Media Group in Berlin in September. All selected companies are helping Germany position itself as an innovation and economic driver and are also often active internationally. “We are particularly characterised by our innovations, always having the whole picture in mind. For example, we think about processes and look at where we can create time for people – for meaningful activities such as providing care services and health services. But there are also customers, such as logistics providers, facing drastic staff shortages and are forced to automate their processes to survive in the market. To be able to deliver value quickly and stay close to the customer, we now work in agile teams which is also making us attractive as an employer for young talent,” explains Antonios Vonofakos.

The 50 German Leaders campaign is designed to create exchange and build momentum among the award winners. It also provides a stage to communicate further these hidden champions’ missions and visions to the world. “With 50 German Leaders, we have created a campaign around German business leaders tackling the difficult challenges humanity is currently facing. We’re allowing these leaders to inspire each other at a live gathering and get their stories out into the world to motivate others to act”, reports Paolo Zanini, founder and CEO of TBD Media Group.

Part of the campaign is 50 short documentaries highlighting the respective “leaders” in more detail and showing how they combine state-of-the-art technology with human know-how. The portrait of BD Rowa™ can be found here: