The new generation of fully automatic storage: BD Rowa™ EasyLoad

Everyone would like to have a hard-working helper who brings order to their pharmacy routine 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the new BD Rowa™ EasyLoad, this wish comes true, at least when it comes to the storage of medicine packs. It takes over the loading of packs into a BD Rowa™ machine independently and automatically. As soon as the incoming goods are emptied onto the buffer belt, the BD Rowa™ EasyLoad starts sorting, scanning and transferring them to the automatic order picker as quietly as a whisper. Meanwhile, the pharmacy team can concentrate on their core tasks.

At the heart of the new BD Rowa™ EasyLoad is state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology. “The integrated cameras capture the medication packs lying chaotically on the buffer belt extremely reliably and quickly. The packs are then precisely placed on a turntable by a rotating suction head, where another camera inside the BD Rowa™ EasyLoad scans the barcodes and expiry dates of the medicines fully automatically. With the new generation of automatic storage, we are offering our customers real added value,” says Dr Jonas Kaiser, Director Marketing at BD Rowa™. “In the future, it will also be possible to process several incoming goods at the same time, which is a significant time-saver, especially for large volumes.”

The BD Rowa™ Easyload has impressed the first pilot customers with its speed in an extensive test series – and it was extremely reliable. “As a pilot customer, I have been able to test the BD Rowa™ EasyLoad in my pharmacy for some time. We are particularly impressed by the reliability. We start the goods receipt for the evening shift shortly before closing time and in the morning everything is tidy in the Rowa” reports Dr. Rainer Lingg, Löwenapotheke Karlsruhe.

For the staff, however, it is not only the diligence and speed of the new assistant that is pleasing, but also the low noise level of around 50 dB. Dr Lingg continues: “The low noise level of the BD Rowa™ EasyLoad is already a highlight. You could say: we hardly notice that it is running”.

The new BD Rowa™ EasyLoad will be available for the BD Rowa™ Smart, as well as the Vmax 130, 160, 210 and 320 picking machines as an external solution, either placed directly on the side of the robot or connected by means of conveyor technology.

For more information, please visit the BD Rowa™ EasyLoad product page.

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