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Discover our pharmacy robots for the storage and management of your medication. From series production models to customized configurations, benefit from 99.9% reliability.*

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BD Rowa Vmax is the automated dispensing robot for the pharmacy.

BD Rowa™ Vmax

Custom-made automation: The BD Rowa™ Vmax is our customized automated stockroom system which makes a real difference – with a high level of flexibility and comprehensive expansion options.

BD Rowa Smart is the automated dispensing robot for the pharmacy.

BD Rowa™ Smart

Automation in series: The BD Rowa™ Smart product line enables quick entry into automation – at an attractive price, with state-of-the-art equipment and short delivery times.

BD Rowa EasyLoad enables fully automatic storage of packages in pharmacies.

BD Rowa™ EasyLoad

Input at the touch of a button. The BD Rowa™ EasyLoad fully automatic input system reduces the manual workload during input to a minimum. Available as an external or integrated solution including expiry date recognition.

Simplify your work processes

Improve your pharmacy’s efficiency with BD Rowa™ solutions. Within no time, you’ll have a modern and stress-free working environment.

Your benefits at a glance

Process optimization

Stable and quieter workflows, easy picking of prescriptions and orders, automatic collection management, and less time for stockroom maintenance are some advantages our systems offer.

Range optimization

Enhanced delivery capacity, improved stock control based on continuous stocktaking, and high process security boost the quality of your service and customer satisfaction levels.

Resource optimization

More space, more time and ultimately, financial benefits. The automatic stockroom management system optimizes not only your use of space but your stuff management and capital commitment.

The ideal pharmacy robot to suit all needs

BD Rowa™ Smart

BD Rowa™
Vmax 130

BD Rowa™
Vmax 160

BD Rowa™
Vmax 210

BD Rowa™
Vmax 320


Price-Performance ratio

The Slimline Vmax

The All-Rounder

The High Performer

Square Floor Areas


1.63 m

1.33 m

1.63 m

2.13 m

3.23 m


2,52/2.82 m

2.12 – 3.52 m

1.72 – 3.52 m

2.12 – 3.52 m

2.02 – 3.02 m


3.59 – 6.47 m

2.68 – 15.17 m

2.68 – 15.17 m

3.20 – 15.04 m

3.58 – 5.98 m

BD Rowa Vmax is the automated dispensing robot for the pharmacy.

BD Rowa™ Vmax 160

Technology can be that simple.

A system made for you.

Product Awards

ApoTune is a product of blue:bizz edv Systemhaus GmbH, Haltener Str.29, 46284 Dorsten, Germany and is advertised in cooperation with BD Rowa. The blue:bizz edv Systemhaus GmbH is responsible for product information. If you have any questions about the product, please call +49 (0) 2362 98350080 or send an e-mail to

* Calculation based on service tickets raised under the “severity 1” for our 12,000 installed robots.

Questions for BD Rowa™

BD Rowa™ Smart offers automation at a great price. A model in the BD Rowa ™ Vmax range can be configured to suit your personal requirements. Please feel free to contact us for a personalized quote. We will be happy to offer you free, no-obligation advice.

All BD Rowa™ systems are produced in Kelberg, Germany. The robots are produced individually and largely still by hand. From here they are shipped all around the world, where they are installed by local teams.

A robot may well have paid for itself after just 1.5 years if the staff utilize the time saved to make additional sales. The additional income can allow to refinance the robots.

As a rule, our customers can input almost everything. To this end, we offer corresponding solutions such as outer packaging and, for example, homeopathy carriers. Other customers prefer to input prescription-only products.

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