All add-ons

Each Rowa system comes with a range of optional extras. Let’s discuss your needs together and find the right Rowa for you.

  • Rowa Smart®
  • Rowa Vmax® 130
  • Rowa Vmax® 160
  • Rowa Vmax® 210
  • Rowa Vmax® 320
Rowa® conveyor technology

Transportation of packages to the counter or workstation.

Rowa® refrigerated unit

Medication which needs to be kept refrigerated is automatically input into the integrated Rowa refrigerated unit at 2-8°C with priority. Includes automatic documentation.

Rowa® cleaning module

Removes dust and deposits from shelf bottoms completely automatically.

Rowa Label®

Label printer for fully automatic labelling of packages. For example: for delivery to retirement homes.

Rowa® Medport

Cleanroom airlock for simplified input and dispensing of packages for pouch packaging.

Ziuz Photon/IRIS

Automation of quality control of pouches packaged for individual patients. It employs state-of-the-art visual intelligence to analyze the contents of the individual pouches.