Increasing medication safety Optimized medication dispensing for patients and care staff

Efficient packaging of medicines for individual patients

We are your reliable partner for the automation of your pouch packaging process. From incoming goods and storage through pouch packaging, right up to final checks and the order picking of medication rolls. A solid basis for your long-term success.

Pouch packaging

The BD Rowa™ Dose system sets new benchmarks for pouch dispensers in pharmacies, hospitals, and pouch packaging centers. State-of-the-art technology allows high-quality, reliable and cost-effective secondary medication packaging of solid, oral medications.

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Final check

With BD Rowa™ you can automate the check of patient-specific pouch rolls, with the contents of the individual pouches being analyzed against a variety of parameters. This ensures that each patient receives the right medication.

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For cleanrooms

BD Rowa™ Dose satisfies all requirements for work in cleanrooms. You can simply connect your automated stockroom to your cleanroom airlock, automating the entire process.

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Our common goal: maximum patient safety for medication management.

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Advancing the world of health.


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We offer you comprehensive advice and work together with you to find the best solution for your requirements. Our flat-rate service agreements offer you security and complete cost control. We will be happy to advise and train your team at any time.


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