BD Rowa™ brings virtual dispensing robots into pharmacies

Kelberg, December 10, 2020 Have a look at a lifesized dispensing robot in your own pharmacy, even before you buy it? BD Rowa™’s new website makes this possible! Thanks to augmented reality and a 3D configurator, visitors of the website can adapt the dispensing robot and the fully automated input to match their own requirements and can place the machines where they want. As of today, the new website is available in German and English. Its clear-cut, modern and appealing – and is yet another step toward the goal of customer-oriented communication across all target groups.

“Customer affinity is particularly important for us. It was also the main reason why we launched a new website and further developed the configurator with 3D models and an augmented reality function,” explains Dr. Jonas Kaiser, Marketing and Strategy Director at BD Rowa™. “Based on feedback from our customers, we have further developed our web presence and created a modern website where people can not only learn more about BD Rowa™as a company, but more importantly about our solutions and services for our target groups.” 


Modern UX-Design

The website was developed last year. State-of-the-art UX design was used to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Interactive buttons, videos, 3D animations, and highly visible contact options enable site visitors to experience the multifaceted world of BD Rowa™. 

“Over the past few years, BD Rowa™has developed into a versatile solution provider with a broad and complex product portfolio,” explains Dr. Kaiser. “So it was time that this was reflected on our website as well. Clicking on their own industries or solution scenarios allows site visitors to discover the solution that’s just right for them.” Cross-media links provide options to download more data sheets and brochures, and there is also a link to the BD Rowa™ Hub. 



Individual versions for Italy, France, Spain and the Benelux countries will be made available at the beginning of next year.





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