BD Rowa™ Vmotion: Optimising in-store communication in pharmacies

The healthcare system has benefitted significantly from technological development and the increasing importance of digital platforms in recent years: accessing medical products has become easier. This process also involves local pharmacies, which can maintain and assert their position through sensible and innovative digital solutions from BD Rowa™. BD Rowa™ Vmotion system and the new BD Rowa™ Vmotion Cloud platform provide the ideal basis for digital in-store communication for pharmacies. The control of BD Rowa™ Vmotion screens and the connection with the dispensing robot make it all possible.

”POS communication is playing an increasingly important role for pharmacies,” explains Dirk Bockelmann, Global Commercial Director at BD Rowa™. ”Especially during the months of the pandemic, shop windows played a highly relevant role for communication in view of restrictive access rules resulting in long queues. Pharmacists were thus able to focus more on their core competence: advising customers and patients.” The organisation of digital content on the BD Rowa™ Vmotion screens is done with a few clicks via the new BD Rowa™ Vmotion Cloud platform.

In this way, BD Rowa™ Vmotion enables the highlighting of recommendations and the emphasis or double display of certain product lines. So, the advertising in the pharmacy and in the shop window is independent of the currently available advertising materials and can spontaneously be displayed prominently, if required. This leads to more flexible options and reduces the storage space needed for promotional materials.

New platform with intuitive and easy operation

The BD Rowa™ Vmotion Cloud offers numerous advantages. It has a super-fast user interface which is particularly intuitive and easy to use. The pharmacist has the option to use either the templates uploaded by BD Rowa™ or those uploaded monthly by project partners. In doing so, contents can be personalised, or completely new contents can be created.

The BD Rowa™ Vmotion Cloud is connected via interface to the dispensing robot in the warehouse and to the pharmacy ERP system. For the pharmacist, this results in a 360° optimisation of the display area and warehouse. This allows in-store communication for pharmacies to be more up to date, more convincingly designed and better organised. At the same time, well-trained pharmacy staff can invest a greater share of their time in active personal advisory service.

Displays more attractive than posters

The BD Rowa™ Vmotion screens can be installed in different areas of a pharmacy, depending on the communication target or content: in the area behind the sales counter, in the self-service area or – especially for advertising messages, advisory services, special offers or pharmacy services – in the shop window.

The use of displays is significantly superior to classic communication via display stands or posters. The three main reasons: time is saved, because content creation only takes a few minutes. Displays are more ecological, as they eliminate the need for printed materials, and they increase the attention potential, because people are more interested in contents on screens than in classic posters.


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