BD Rowa™ celebrates 10,000 systems

Kelberg, May 11, 2020 – BD Rowa™ has reached a significant milestone in its almost 25-year history. The Production department in Kelberg is currently working on the company’s 10,000th order picking system, which is set to be installed in the next few weeks. In parallel, BD Rowa™ is launching a campaign offering a peek behind the scenes at Rowa and shining the spotlight on the order picking systems’ core values: quality, reliability, and durability.

Continuing growth

The BD Rowa™ staff at its Kelberg site are currently working hard on a particularly special system – number 10,000! Last year alone, the company sold and installed more than 1,000 systems. This year, too, demand is high, as BD Rowa™ Managing Director Antonios Vonofakos explained: “Order picking systems are now more in demand than ever before. They optimize processes and free up time and space in pharmacies for the important things. As a result, we are continuing to record strong growth and are soon set to install our 10,000th system.” Each system is still produced in Kelberg, Germany – the only production site the company has ever had since being founded – largely by hand and utilizing the skills and abilities of the employees on site. In all this, one aspect is paramount: delivering quality, so that customers always receive a reliable and durable solution. To make sure that happens, the company has been investing in research and development since its very beginnings and has also built up an impressive supplier network in the region. This ensures high quality, short distances, and a sustainable product. “We know our suppliers personally and can quickly head over there to find a solution to problems together. It also offers the advantage that we are still able to keep up deliveries in situations such as the current pandemic,” explained Antonios Vonofakos.



However, the BD Rowa™ systems, which are now installed in more than 40 countries around the world from Japan to Argentina, aren’t just characterized by their high quality – durability and reliability also have an important role to play. This is perfectly illustrated by the example of Christian Flössner, manager of the Saxonia Apotheke and owner of the world’s first Rowa order picking system (installed in 1996): “As their first customer, I have been through thick and thin with Rowa. We even made it through the great flood together, and the system is still running. Not only can you put your trust in technology, the customer service is also always impeccable. The market is changing, and I am happy to have Rowa by my side as a partner who treats me as an equal and continually introduces new solutions for the challenges that present themselves. For example, I recently had two BD Rowa™ Vmotion displays installed in my window so as to be able to react more flexibly to needs and attract new customers to the pharmacy.” BD Rowa™ is also reflecting the core values of quality, reliability, and durability in a new campaign being launched to mark the completion of the 10,000th system. Alongside classic ads, there will primarily be a user-oriented communication concept placing each individual customer and his/her story in focus. To mark the start of the campaign, BD Rowa™ will also be allowing all interested parties to take a peek behind the scenes during the production of an order picking system – in the form of an image film.



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