BD Rowa™ Vshelf

Raise the potential of free choice

  • Attractive, modern and clear shelf organization
  • Effective anti-theft protection with an audible signal directly on the shelving
  • Digital inventory management for constant product availability



Product highlights

  • Efficient and simple shelf maintenance for an attractive sales area
  • Registration and notification of suspicious goods removal
  • Central, cloud-based inventory overview
  • Ensuring constant availability of goods and thus increasing sales
  • Easy integration through wireless connection and mobile set-up
  • Interactive management and control via mobile app

Inventory Loss Prevention

Rely on effective anti-theft protection for your high-quality free choice products.

BD Rowa™ Vshelf Capabilities

Shelf Efficiency

Theft Control

Shelf Inventory Management


Attractive presentation and efficient shelf maintenance

Suspicious product removals are automatically registered

Shelf digitization to leverage the full data potential


  • Obtains an attractive and precise presentation of your products
  • Supports day to day shelf maintenance
  • Easy to refill goods do not have to be moved forward and rearranged daily
  • Can be installed on existing standard shelves at no extra cost
  • Neat product presentation easy to identify empty channels
  • Detect theft right at the POS
  • Simple acoustic signal on product removal to create awareness
  • Configurable alarm options in case of suspicious product withdrawals
  • Open and accessible product presentation no customer deterrent anti theft protection measures
  • Multiple remote alarm options (Pager, etc.) available
  • Cloud based inventory level overview
  • Ensures constant on shelf availability and thus increases sales
  • Establishes Shelf Analytics through Data API (optional) to maximize your store efficiency
  • Auto re order process via interface possible

Your benefits at a glance


The time saved since shelving and stocks no longer have to be maintained can be used for consultations and customer service.


Automatic reordering means that goods are available for customers. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase in sales

The attractive presentation and high availability of goods increase sales while at the same time reducing costs by avoiding theft.

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