The British want 24/7 medication order and collection from local pharmacies

Kelberg, 07 May 2020 – A survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of BD Rowa™ among over 1,000 16–64 year old British respondents, showed local pharmacies play a key role in people’s lives. The majority of those surveyed highly value quick access to medication; the pharmacy’s advice and specialist expertise; and also the personal contact. However, Britons still have a wish list when it comes to their local pharmacies and 24/7 medication order and collection is at the very top

More flexibility for pick-up of medication

Overall, 41% of respondents said they would like the option to order medication online, whereas 40% want 24/7 access via a pick-up terminal at their local pharmacies. A further 26% are looking for more discrete and individual consultations; whereas 26% appreciate a pleasant and comfortable shopping atmosphere.

“Particularly at times like these, local pharmacies play a fundamental role in providing treatment. We see ourselves as their partners and are currently developing solutions to make their work easier and safer. This includes pick-up terminals, which we are already implementing in neighbouring Belgium and the Netherlands, where customers can collect medication 24/7. The pharmacist approves the medication/prescription and then sends the customer a collection code to be used in the pharmacy or at the outside terminal. This primarily helps to protect staff during flu season but has also been very effective in the current COVID-19 pandemic,” explained Dirk Bockelmann, Global Commercial Director at BD Rowa™.


A contact for many different health related topics

Local pharmacies are a valued go to for many different health related topics and the British can definitely envisage consulting the pharmacy rather than the doctor for certain services. For example, 53% of survey respondents would like to use the pharmacy for help with minor illnesses such as colds etc.; and 45% would like vaccinations and vaccination advice. A further 24% want to involve their pharmacies in medication planning and would like to receive personalised services such as patient-specific blister packs.

Results of the Kantar survey indicate that British customers will welcome the changing role for pharmacies.  The focus is switching from dispensing and pharmacists are set to become the first port of call for a growing list of additional clinical services such as supporting patients with new medicines on discharge from hospital; hepatitis C testing; travel vaccinations; blood pressure testing; and smoking cessation referrals.