BD Rowa for partners

Ever dreamt of being an entrepreneur?


We are looking for kickstarters who scale our German handmade technology into new international markets. Digital technologies are disrupting old industries. This brings lots of opportunities, but challenges as well.  Are you ready for them?


Who you are and what you do

Passion. Personality. A love of people and technology.

BD Rowa entrepreneurs come from a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds, but there are a few qualities they all share. We are looking for fresh-minded high potentials who can’t wait to start their own business. Fluent English is a must. Are you a team already? No problem.


What the business is about

Build your own BD Rowa brand. Position yourself in the market and benefit from BD Rowa as being your supplier and one of the leading technologies in the segment.

What we offer

You are never alone – and here is the reason why!

  1. You will get customized sales, marketing, service trainings and workshops – according to your needs and to make you successful.
  2. Expert coaching and workshops on specific problems, to develop new ideas or to have another view on certain topics.
  3. We support you with initial investments so that you are ready to go and remain in prosperous.
  4. Steady innovation and new product development are part of our DNA – we hope it is of yours as well.