Increase the degree of automation
Integrated solution for your existing stockroom design

Our intralogistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry comprise a combination of scalable order picking systems and efficient order buffer systems. They can be integrated into your existing infrastructure with no problems, allow seamless documentation, and increase your process stability. They have every working step covered from incoming goods to stockroom management right up to reliable container-based order picking.


The solutions are particularly suitable for the storage of medium- and slow-moving items as well as refrigerated medications and narcotics

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BD Rowa™ systems as an integrated complete solution.

The BD Rowa™ systems merge into existing infrastructures without any issues and communicate with the logistics software. Here’s how it works:


1. When the job is created in the ERP system, the jobs are distributed to the BD Rowa™ systems and other areas via the logistics software/container control system for order picking.


2. The BD Rowa™ Mosaic software controls the job distribution within the BD Rowa™ systems, which are then output into the containers via the BD Rowa™ Order Buffer.


3. The real-time interface to the ERP system ensures that the stocks are always up to date – with regard to input and output as well as the processing of returns.

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Individually planned and expandable. As flexible as it gets.

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