Centro di distribuzione farmaceutica OmeosalusVet, Patrica

OmeosalusVet is a leading intermediate distributer of homeopathic products, herbal products, special nutrition, natural cosmetics, medicine and veterinary pharmaceuticals. The introduction of the Rowa systems increased the warehouse automation rate from 0 to 65%, thanks to the double Rowa Vmax® system, the Rowa ProLog® OCR and two Rowa® Order Buffers.

Vittorio D´Agostini
BD Rowa has confirmed its reputation as a leading automation provider. Not only are the products of the highest quality and reliability, but also an excellent pre- and post-sales service. We knew immediately that this was not just about numbers, which is not always obvious when dealing with a mulinational company.
Gaensefuesschen Case Studies
  • Warehouse surface

    2,000 m²

  • Location

    Ground floor

  • Articles

    160,000 (automated and not automated)

  • Installation time


How has Rowa helped?


The design of the automated warehouse is the result of the evaluation of daily picking and the number of articles in the warehouse. Thanks to the automation of the warehouse, the operations are faster, more precisely and errors are reduced. More orders can be managed at the same time and thus more customer requests can be fulfilled. Two Rowa Vmax and one Rowa ProLog  have been installed, 65% of the product input is done automatically by Rowa ProLog.

Why Rowa Vmax and Rowa ProLog?


The Rowa Vmax solution can manage medium and slow moving items in a small place. The Rowa Vmax is equipped with the Order Buffer system which deposits the packs directly into the totes rapidly and with accuracy avoiding manual errors during the picking. Rowa Order Buffer makes it possible to prepare up to 12 consecutive orders in advance and ensure a fluid process in the logistic chain.

Important Keyfacts

  • Improve performance during critical stage of the order set-up
  • Optimize the product return process
  • Reduced stress caused by repetitive tasks such as manual picking
  • Robots manage 65% of the warehouse automatically
  • Greater precision and speed in pre-ordering