BD Rowa™ Order Buffer

Efficient order processing

  • Space-saving – Buffering and filling in a confined space
  • Scalable also to several BD Rowa™ Vmax
  • Buffers different tote sizes
  • Stores medium and slow movers as well as refrigerated medications and narcotics



BD Rowa ™ Order Buffer

The space-saving system for order buffering directly at the storage and retrieval system.

Product details

Buffers per order buffer (Point of Filling)


Possible packs per tote box

Up to 60 % of the tote box


Tote sizes (W × H × L): 300 – 400 × 160 – 300 × 400 – 600 mm

BD Rowa™ standard wholesale tote large (W × H × L)330 × 280 × 490 mm

BD Rowa™ standard wholesale tote small (W × H × L)330 × 165 × 490 mm

Removable packs

Square packages (W x H x L): 15 – 145 mm x 15 – 140 mm x 35 – 230 mm

Round packages (Ø) 45 – 140 mm

Weight: 5 – 300 g

Your benefits at a glance


Very fast commissioning with high throughput at the filling point. Can be used in the tightest of spaces.


For small, medium and large branches of pharmaceutical storage units. Applicable in different storage areas, incl. cold room, narcotics security room.


When the tote arrives at the order buffer, each tote is verified by a scanner. High system reliability, when one order buffer is out of order another takes its place.

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