Rowa Smart®
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Rowa Smart®

Automation in a nutshell.

Do you want to optimize your stockroom and have more time to focus on the important things? Perfectly conceived, Rowa Smart offers you everything you need for automatic storage.

You and your clients will benefit.

Up to 58% more space
Serve 1/3 more customers every day
Save 85% of the time otherwise required for stock maintenance
Rowa Smart A Case Study

Ready for use in just two days. No long waiting times.


We are always there for you.

Our 24/7 hotline offers rapid, professional assistance. Our service points are close by and available. And we don’t wait for the worst to happen: we anticipate and proactively target potential breakdowns so that they never occur in the first place.


We are your trusted partner and equal.

We offer you comprehensive advice and work together with you to find the best solution for your requirements. Our flat-rate service agreements offer you security and complete cost control. We will be happy to advise and train your team at any time.


Our products are our passion.

You invest in our solutions for the long term – so we ensure that you can reap the benefits for a long time, with regular updates and add-ons. We think innovation. Seize the opportunity and benefit too!

Rowa Smart made our lives so much easier and I would not want to miss it. Finally we can concentrate on our clients. And let the Rowa do the rest.

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