Restructuration of the pharmacy

The Sertürner Apotheke in Frankfurt has a long tradition in pharmacy. The parents and grandfather of proprietor Uta Böger were also pharmacists and she inherited their passion for the profession. However, over the course of time, the traditional pharmacy has also had to contend with an ever-aging clientèle. “We were faced with the challenge that our clients were getting older all the time and we weren’t getting anywhere near as many young ones. I realized that I had to change something if I was going to stay on the market”, explains Uta Böger, proprietor of the Sertürner Apotheke. “I therefore decided to renovate and restructure the pharmacy. As I took this plunge into the unknown, BD Rowa supported me every step of the way.”


In order to ensure that the restructuring of the pharmacy was a success, Uta Böger not only carried out a renovation of the pharmacy, but also developed a new business model. She therefore now works with an app which allows her to pre-order medications, offers a Click and Collect service and is also developing social media channels. Moreover, she has managed to create a modern, inviting pharmacy facility with historical elements and a digital display, appealing to both younger and older audiences. “We have achieved the perfect combination of modern and traditional. Seating areas, separate counter gondolas and a private consultation cubicle help us to keep our holistic approach alive. The renovation has simply been a perfect success.”

Sertuerner Inline
Sertuerner 460

More time for costumer consultation

Installing a Rowa automated storage and retrieval system as well as a Rowa Vmotion screen, in combination with physical shelving in the behind-the-counter area, the Sertürner Apotheke now saves time on stock maintenance and can use this time to offer clients bespoke advice. “Constantly changing discount agreements and other legal conditions cost us a lot of time. Eventually you get to a point where you want to change something”, explains Uta Böger. “The new automated storage and retrieval system means I have to spend less time on stock maintenance—time I can spend providing my clients with more intensive personalized advice. The combination of digital and analogue behind-the-counter display means I can now present products in a clearer, more individual way without alienating my older clientèle. This is the perfect way to continue our approach of offering comprehensive advice.”

The Sertürner Apotheke’s clients love coming to Uta Böger for individual advice. With the new design, automated storage and retrieval systems and a digital behind-the-counter display, the pharmacy now appeals to clients young and old and Uta Böger can look forward to a secure future.