Product videos created by manufacturers for digital OTC displays – the company recently presented the new “Digital Pharmacy Marketing” (DPM) concept at Expopharm 2017.

“With DPM we are offering pharmacies even more attractive content for Rowa Vmotion,” explained Antonios Vonofakos, Head of Marketing and Product Management at BD Rowa. “We have already been able to win over famous names such as Merck, Beiersdorf, and Klosterfrau with our pilot project.”

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Digital OTC displays

The digital OTC displays have proved very popular among BD Rowa customers. Hundreds of systems have already been installed across Europe, and it’s a growing trend. The benefits for the pharmacist include an attractive means of product presentation with a range of consultation tools and the option of direct retrieval from stock at the touch of a button.

Possibilities for manufacturers of OTC and OTS products

With its new solution, BD Rowa is not only addressing the needs of pharmacists, but also manufacturers of OTC and OTS products. For example, they design digital signage videos, which are optimally adapted to the dimensions of the screens – and the requirements of the pharmacy customers at the service counter. In addition, manufacturers of OTC and OTS items also have the option of entering product images and information concerning their respective products directly into the database. Pharmacists benefit from continuously updated product information and digital advertising materials.


The first pilot phase is set to start in 100 German pharmacies in October. “The first six months will be devoted to collecting a wealth of data on the new offering – from pharmacists’ feedback to the sales figures for the advertised items,” explained Antonios Vonofakos. “In the course of the next year we will then be opening up the offering to the wider market.”