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Uniform branding across all channels

The devil is in the detail: If uniform branding is to be achieved across all channels, all channels must of course also be synchronized – from the pharmacy and its shop windows to the website, the shop and social media. The Rowa® omnichannel digital solution for local pharmacies allows administration of numerous communication channels at the click of a mouse.

How it works

For example, when rolling out an initiative using the Rowa Vmotion® digital OTC solution, it can also be loaded at the same time on the Rowa Vpoint™ and Rowa Vshelf™. As the central database, the vCloud allows all channels to be managed centrally. The initiative can thus also be shared immediately, for example, on Facebook, XING or LinkedIn.
All components cooperate cleanly and without disruption thanks to Rowa's "everything from a single source" solution. There are no compatibility and interface issues.

This immediately provides the pharmacy with a range of benefits

The number of error sources is reduced dramatically when all initiatives can be managed centrally at the press of a button. Significantly less time is needed for familiarization. What's more, it takes much less time to roll out an initiative. Initiatives are carried out more frequently when less effort is required and this demonstrably enhances sales.
The Rowa system is modular in design and guaranteed to be future proof. Just like your pharmacy.