News Expopharm 2016

Simply more pharmacy

Under the motto "Simply Rowa®," the company will show how individual pharmacies can benefit from new products and services. Whether it's service, security or efficiency – more pharmacy is possible with Rowa.

The key to this is the holistic approach for the pharmacy. The many new opportunities open to the pharmacy also always entail effort – time that the pharmacist or PTA loses for the customer or has to invest after hours.

<p>Live at the Rowa booth</p>

At the Rowa booth you can experience how a holistic approach creates genuine added value. "Simply Rowa" embodies the standard of the Rowa systems. Simplicity creates speed and security. Rowa reduces complexity wherever possible. From stock input and stock management to checking counterfeit protection – everything's possible automatically.
At the same time, the trade fair motto stands for Rowa permanently striving to find ways to allow the pharmacy to be used and experienced. Rowa Vmotion®, Rowa Vpoint™ and Rowa Vshelf™ provide an all-round experience for the customer that makes everything possible, from independent information to confidential consultations. And, thanks to digital support, even beyond language barriers.
The stand is worth a visit, not only for Rowa owners, but also for everyone who wants to experience automation and digitization in the pharmacy.
Hall B5, Stand A20/A28