How can pharmacists hold their own when faced with Internet suppliers? How can they appeal to their customers online and offline and ensure they remain loyal? BD Rowa presented digital technologies and innovative solutions at Expopharm 2017.

Digital Customer Journey

“We are now complementing the traditional sales channel in the pharmacy, or rather the pharmacy visitor’s ‘customer journey’, with a digital dimension,” explained Dirk Bockelmann, Head of International Sales at BD Rowa. “We believe in local pharmacies, and offer simple and easy-to-integrate solutions which equip them optimally for the digital world of tomorrow – particularly with regards to the fierce competition posed by online pharmacies and Amazon.”

Customer Journey Inline

The store window of the pharmacy

Nowadays, pharmacy customers don’t just find out about your pharmacy and offering via traditional media, such as newspapers and fliers – they are far more likely to research the location and services available online. As a result, many pharmacies already have a digital presence in the form of a website, Google entries, and Facebook or Twitter profiles. The store window’s role in the customer’s decision on whether to make a purchase or not should never be underestimated. Nevertheless, the design and the selection of the advertising materials often fall short of the pharmacists’ expectations, as revealed by Aposcope’s 2017 OTC Market Analysis. BD Rowa is addressing this shortcoming and offering the Rowa Vmotion digital store window, which packs a mighty punch. Large moving images catch the public’s attention at all hours of the day and night. 

The purchasing process itself should be optimally tailored to the customer’s requirements. In an automated pharmacy, customers in a hurry can benefit from short waiting times and also look up information at terminals, such as the Rowa Vpoint, during peak hours and pay for off-the-shelf (OTS) products directly. In addition, BD Rowa also presented a collection terminal at the Expopharm 2017, which can be installed in the salesroom or a 24-hour foyer and dispenses pre-ordered items. 


Create shopping experiences

Customers requiring a detailed consultation will benefit from the comprehensive functions of the Rowa Vmotion screens. Available for OTC or OTS products, they not only offer detailed information on the chosen product itself, but also display alternative products and price comparisons at a glance. Screens sunk into the service counter also afford the necessary discretion when required. What’s more, mobile tablets offer additional digital support in consultation situations, allowing flexible customer service anywhere in the store, for example in the cosmetics and food supplements sections. This transforms shopping into an experience for pharmacy customers and makes a decisive contribution to customer loyalty.

Long-term digital relationship with the customers

“Here at BD Rowa, we make the latest digital retail solutions available to pharmacies,” emphasized Dirk Bockelmann. “For this reason, we are currently testing a retargeting system, which allows pharmacists to foster a long-term digital relationship with their customers with minimum effort.” A device installed in the store reads the advertising identifiers of the visitors’ smartphones, rendering the customers digitally identifiable. This allows targeted communication with this audience via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anonymity is guaranteed at all times. The pharmacy visitors’ data is solely administrated via one of BD Rowa’s certified partners.”

“We’ve been in the midst of the digital future for some time now. And from our perspective, it offers enormous potential for the pharmacy market.”

Dirk Bockelmann Head of International Sales BD Rowa