Click & Collect is already common practice for retail chains: It allows items to be ordered online and collected in the customer’s local branch. At Expopharm 2017, BD Rowa presented a concept which will now enable local pharmacies to offer the same service.

​Order items from local pharmacies

Ordering items from local pharmacies in advance is no longer a rarity: Many pharmacies already accept orders via e-mail, telephone, and SMS. The number of online stores is also increasing, and along with it the order volume. Customers send their orders directly to the pharmacy in their neighborhood either via the pharmacy’s own website or via third-party suppliers, such as a mobile app. This allows them to be certain that the required items are in stock when they visit the pharmacy to collect them. 

Abholer Terminal 460

A collection terminal for pre-ordered and pre-paid articles

“Service offerings make pharmacies more competitive nowadays,” explained Björn Schleheuser, Head of Sales for Central Europe at BD Rowa. “The focus should always be on offering the pharmacy customers the optimal solutions for their requirements. With this in mind, we premiered a concept for a collection terminal for pre-ordered and pre-paid articles at Expopharm 2017.” Installed in the pharmacy salesroom or a 24-hour foyer, it allows customers to pick up their items independently and without the need to stand in line at the service counter. 

More effective dispensing during peak hours

With Click & Collect systems, pharmacies not only expand their customer base but can also prepare the orders during quieter periods, rendering dispensing during peak hours more effective at the same time. For example, the Rowa Crate System, for order-specific picking, automatically outputs all received orders into separate containers, which simplifies the processes even further. It’s even possible to pre-order secondary blister packages via an online function. BD Rowa offers the Rowa Dose for automated processing precisely for this purpose. 

Rowa Crate 460

“In addition, the introduction of Click & Collect generally also goes hand in hand with a decrease in the number of orders that need to be delivered by the delivery service,” explained Mr. Schleheuser. “We help local pharmacies to optimize their internal processes and find their way in the digital world of tomorrow. As such, we are always excited about discussing Click & Collect with customers and interested parties in more detail.”