Antonios Vonofakos, currently Director of Marketing at BD Rowa, will take over the position from Dirk Wingenter, who leaves the company at his own request. With this in-house change in leadership, BD Rowa wants to continue on its current course and expand its market position as a holistic solution provider with its portfolio of automation and digital solutions.

Wingenter Inline

Continuity of corporate strategy

Dirk Wingenter, managing director of BD Rowa since 2006, has made a significant contribution to ensuring that solutions from the Eifel are available all over the world. Under his leadership, the company has successfully pioneered a holistic automation solution and is very well positioned to meet the challenges of the future for the benefit of its customers. For Wingenter, it is the right time to hand over the position internally: 

"My time at BD Rowa has been exciting and varied. We have grown enormously in recent years and have opened up new business areas without losing sight of our focus and our origins," he explains. ”I'm happy to have found a successor, Antonios Vonofakos, who shares my visions, and I'm sure he will lead BD Rowa in to the future, for which we are very well positioned. First of all, I will spend my time with my family and enjoy the upcoming break."

A trusted partner in the healthcare market

Antonios Vonofakos has been Director of Marketing at BD Rowa since 2015 and has contributed significantly to the development of the BD Rowa business in recent years. Among other things, he has driven the digital business and the field of patient-specific medication packaging as well as its automation technology and positioned the company well for the future. 

"Nothing will change for our customers and our employees, because Dirk Wingenter and I share the same goals," explains Antonios Vonofakos, Director of Marketing at BD Rowa. "We will continue to be your trusted partner in the healthcare market and expand our offering in this area with additional products and services."

Vonofakos Inline

The change in senior management will be made in the new fiscal year of BD Rowa, in October.