Vmotion Diskret 460

How it works

Digitization can also lend a hand here with Rowa Vmotion®. So how does a non-verbal pharmacy consultation work: Using a 22" touchscreen monitor in the sales counter, the customer first indicates whether the medication is being sought for personal use or for a relative. The age and gender are also queried here by means of symbols and drawings.
Using a virtual body silhouette, the pharmacy customer can now describe the location of suffering and if appropriate also produce a digital drawing.

Pictograms help

The pharmacist receives a summary of the selected pictograms, drawings and symbols when input has concluded and can make a decision as to whether self-medication with OTC products would be feasible or whether the customer or patient has to be referred to a doctor.
The digital medium in any case ensures that the quality of the pharmacy consultation can be increased.

Also for discreet consultations

This principle can also be applied in the case of discreet consultations, with the "conversation" taking place in this case without leaving the sales counter though fully secluded from other customers. Taking this technology one step further, this type of OTC consultation could even be documented and become part of the QMS quality assurance process in the pharmacy.
This consultation is also possible decentrally by means of a tablet PC and can thus take place in the confidential area or a sitting area in the pharmacy. Regardless of where and why words fail customers – the pharmacist is now definitely always the right contact.