The videos are played on large screens in the OTC area of the pharmacy, ensuring a high campaign recognition rate directly at the point of sale. Both manufacturers and pharmacies will benefit in equal measure from the new, appealing advertising platform from BD Rowa. A six-month pilot phase has shown that significant, double-digit increases in sales are possible. 

New advertising format for the pharmacy POS

"Digital Pharmacy Marketing" from BD Rowa is the perfect addition to the marketing mix for OTC and cosmetics manufacturers that want to play their video campaigns at pharmacy points of sale as well. The maximum 25-second spots in the pharmacy ensure a pleasant, emotive atmosphere, and encouraging impulse-buying among the customers. "In our six-month pilot phase with more than 100 pharmacies, our customers registered sales growth averaging 12 percent," says Sven Schulze, Manager responsible for Digital Pharmacy Marketing at BD Rowa. 


BD Rowa has received this evaluation regarding the success of the initiative from the market research organization Insight Health, which collects data from the pharmacies themselves. Manufacturers therefore always have a precise and up-to-date measure of the success of their campaigns. This was the key advantage that persuaded Merck, a Darmstadt-based pharmaceuticals firm, to get involved in the pilot project. "The ability to obtain direct metrics, even across different pharmacies, regions, and cities, was something we considered extremely important and which helps us to analyze our point-of-sale operations at a new level of detail," explains Stephan Börner, Global Head of Sales Excellence at Merck Consumer Health.

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Improves recognition factor and brand's perception

The advertisements can be shown at all BD Rowa customers throughout Germany that have installed a digital over-the-counter area from the company. BD Rowa combines the commercials into an advertising loop optimized for the tall OTC screens. Using a portal specially prepared for them, manufacturers are able to create and manage current campaign content, product illustrations, and product claims, allowing them to make sure that their products are shown in a consistent way everywhere. This pays off in terms of the recognition factor of the campaign and also for the brand's perception, which is increasingly important on today's market.