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More time for consultations and additional sales

Rolf Wagner is one of the founders of Rowa® Technologies, one of the first suppliers of storage and retrieval systems for pharmacies. This idea formed the core of a successful corporate philosophy, which to this day continues to ensure the development of innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the health care market. The main focus is on optimizing the contact between pharmacist and customer, so that more time is available for consultations and additional sales thanks to improved stock handling. The foundation of Rowa Automatisierungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG in Kelberg in 1996 was followed by the sale of the first Rowa system to the SaXonia Apotheke in Dresden. What started out as a small five-person company expanded within a few years to a large corporation with sales today of more than 6,500 Rowa systems worldwide. In Kelberg alone, in Germany's Eifel region, around 450 employees are involved in continuously improving the workflows in pharmacies.

Digital product innovations improve customer contact and workflows

The enhanced product development of the Rowa Vmax® / Rowa Smart® allows new space concepts to evolve since medicines can now be stored in a far more compact manner with a much smaller overall footprint. In addition, a new type of patented picking head technology allows multi-picking of several packs at the same time. The result is obvious: more time to satisfy customer wishes for more in-depth consultation.

In 2012, the company creates a new growth segment in the pharmaceuticals market with the introduction of the Rowa® Dose medication packaging system. The background to this is the question regarding how pouches prescribed for individual patients can reduce the risk of medication errors and thus improve medication adherence. The medication packaging system packages tablets according to the prescribed administration times. This means ultimately that the patient gets the right combination of medicines for administration at the prescribed times in a single pouch – one pouch corresponds to one administration time. This is especially interesting in terms of supplying medicines for patients in hospitals and nursing homes, but also for older patients who look after their own medication at home.

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Rowa gets digital

Just two years later, the launch of the Rowa Vmotion® is a digital innovation. Non-prescription and OTC products are presented to the customer in this solution on large multi-touch screens. To complement these, customers have the option of discreet consultations on smaller displays or tablets, or can check information for themselves when wait times are too long.

In 2015, Rowa presents the Rowa Vpoint™, introducing a digital shopping experience in the pharmacy. Rowa Vpoint is a terminal on which, depending on the variant, customers can both check information and preselect and pay for products. The medicines are then dispensed by the pharmacist as specified by law.

International future shapers on an equal footing with the customer

Thanks to the continuous further development of existing products and new digital product innovations, the sale of CareFusion to Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) in 2015 allowed Rowa Technologies to exploit new synergies and additional markets of the world's leading medical technology company. BD and Rowa complement each other through their unique know-how and shared vision of advancing the world of health. Driven by a strong innovative spirit, Rowa will continue to help pharmacists in the future to further develop processes and return in their pharmacies. Cooperating with pharmacists on an equal footing as a reliable partner and innovator has top priority in this respect.