Pharmacie Schon-Tanson, Dudelange, Luxembourg

A Rowa Vmax® system in the back office allowed the retail space to be enlarged and simultaneously ensured increased stock management efficiency. Since the planning was so well organized, there was no need to close the pharmacy for the duration of the conversion.

Evelyne Schon-Tanson
Pharmacie Schon-Tanson, Dudelange, Luxembourg
As a result of this overhaul, my pharmacy is both inviting and contemporary – and with the use of modern stock logistics, it is also well equipped for the future.
Gaensefuesschen Case Studies
before after
  • Sales area before

    39 m²

  • Sales area after

    54 m²

  • Planner and shop fitter

    Architect Herbert Kochems

  • Pharmacist

    Evelyne Schon-Tanson

How has Rowa helped?


Installation of a Rowa Vmax with around 9,000 packages over a floor space of 7,5 m². The omission of the columns allows a significant increase in the size of the sales area. The medication is directly delivered to the counter, which safes a lot of time. The time required for warehouse management has been reduced as well and the inventory is always correct.

Why Rowa Vmax?


Customized to your specific requirements, the Rowa Vmax 160 can be combined with all of our add-ons and input versions.

Important Keyfacts

  • Refurbishment during ongoing operation
  • Significant enlargement of the sales area
  • More efficiency in stock management
  • More time for customer consultation
  • Error minimization by automation