Mayberry Pharmacy, South East Wales

Automated Hub & Spoke dispensing boosts efficiency and patient satisfaction at award winning pharmacy group.

Paul Mayberry
Mayberry Pharmacy, South East Wales
Centralised dispensing allowed me to reduce the stock holding by half and to lower the costs per prescription by over 70% for the whole group. My pharmacists now focus on what they truly wanted to do when they entered the pharmacy profession: spending time with patients to provide the best advice.
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  • Project

    Hub & Spoke

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    7 branches

  • Pharmacist

    Paul Mayberry

How has Rowa helped?


The Rowa Vmax Duplo System was utilised to centralise repeat dispensing using the Hub & Spoke model. A huge reduction in prescriptions at the spoke pharmacies means pharmacists now spend much more time with patients. Additionally, extra revenue streams are now open to explore, with many more MURs, respiratory reviews and smoking cessation clinics.

Why Rowa Vmax?


Customized to your specific requirements, the Rowa Vmax 160 can be combined with all of our add-ons and input versions.

Important Keyfacts

  • Centralise repeat dispensing using the Hub & Spoke model
  • Prescription costs lowered by over 70%
  • More valuable time with patients
  • Stock holdings reducedby approximately 50%
  • £200,000+ savings in the first year
  • Reduction of required stock levels in individual pharmacies