Markt Apotheke, Adenau

Herbert Radermacher, owner of the Markt Apotheke in Adenau, decided in 2009 to modernize his pharmacy by installing a storage and retrieval system in the back office. The classic OTC display has now been optimized with OTC shelves. Additionally, two Rowa Vmotion screens are in use since 2015 for OTC presentation.

Herbert Radermacher
Markt Apotheke, Adenau
I would never have thought that the OTC shelves would bring about such a major change. I‘m absolutely thrilled with the result of the reorganization. We have significantly fewer packs in the OTC display as a result and we have been able to reduce the storage value considerably. At the same time we have included an additional topic area in the OTC display and can present a wider range of products to our customers.
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How has Rowa helped?


Two Rowa Vmotion screens offer the possibility of a striking product presentation and can be applied as a consulting tool at the same time. Due to the Rowa OTC shelves the products can be arranged in a clear manner. At the same time, the value of the OTC goods could be reduced.

Why Rowa Vmax and Rowa Vmotion?


Customized to your specific requirements, the Rowa Vmax 160 can be combined with all of our add-ons and input versions. Rowa Vmotion, the virtual OTC display, allows clear, flexible presentation of your OTC range on multi-touchscreens.

Important Keyfacts

  • Product information, alternative products and complementary products presented on Vmotion screen
  • Wide range of OTC products
  • Clearly arranged product presentation
  • Reduction of the value of OTC goods
  • Increased efficiency