Löwen-Apotheke Kreuztal

The aim of the refurbishments at the Löwen-Apotheke pharmacy in Kreuztal was to optimize logistics workflows while simultaneously creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Jens and Günther Harbaum-Neuhaus
Löwen-Apotheke Kreuztal
The Rowa Vmax in our redesigned pharmacy has allowed us to optimize our processes considerably and increase product availability at the same time.
Gaensefuesschen Case Studies
before after
  • Total area before

    280 m²

  • Total area after

    440 m²

  • Sales area

    220 m²

  • Project

    Refurbishment of an existing pharmacy

  • Planning and construction time


  • Shop fitter

    Schreinerei Hoffmann Siegerland GmbH

  • Pharmacist

    Jens und Günther Harbaum-Neuhaus

How has Rowa helped?


The incoming goods and customer consultation areas are now clearly separated from each other. This ensures more time for consultation and considerably shorter distances within the pharmacy

Why Rowa Vmax?


Customized to your specific requirements, the Rowa Vmax 160 can be combined with all of our add-ons and input versions. The integrated fully automatic input system Rowa iProLog allows you to tap additional economic potential.

Important Keyfacts

  • Rowa Vmax® allows you to store a wide range of products in a shallow space
  • Fewer manual steps thanks to integrated refrigerated unit and fully automatic input
  • Better availability of goods
  • Optimized goods flows
  • More time for consultations