Klindwort Apotheke im LUV, Lübeck

The Klindwort family runs five pharmacies in Northern Germany, four of which have automated stockrooms. In addition, the Klindwort pharmacy in the LUV mall also uses the virtual Rowa Vmotion® display. Instead of real packs on shelves, the large screens display images of OTC and self-service products. The touchscreen monitors are linked to the Rowa® storage and dispensing system.

Juliane & Kay Klindwort, Pharmacists
Klindwort Apotheke im LUV, Lübeck
Since installing our Rowa solution, both our staff and our customers have benefited from the advantages of automation in the back office and on the shop floor. Now that we work with the digital OTC display, our customers are more aware of the OTC offers. The screens are a great consulting and presentation tool!
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  • Total area

    102 m²

  • Planner and shop fitter

    Rolf Rissel GmbH

  • Pharmacist

    Kay Klindwort

How has Rowa helped?


The presentation of OTC products has been automated by installing 10 Rowa Vmotion screens. By fully automating the dispensary, approximately 19,000 packs can be stored within a limited space. This also leads to considerable process improvements.

Why Rowa Vmax and Rowa Vmotion?


Customized to your specific requirements, the Rowa Vmax 160 can be combined with all of our add-ons and input versions. Rowa Vmotion, the virtual OTC display, allows clear, flexible presentation of your OTC range on multi-touchscreens 

Important Keyfacts

  • Automation of OTC presentation
  • Fully automated warehouse with small space consumption at the same time
  • Simplified processes thanks to digital OTC shelves and fully automated storage and retrieval system
  • Space saving in the back office provides a large sales area