Happy Pharmacie, Le Cannet des Maures

After experiencing a repurchase and an expansion of the pharmacy, Mr. Takvorian started to consider a rearrangement of his pharmacy along with the implementation of a Rowa Vmax 210 robot. This project has enlarged his sales area from 15m² to 210m². At the same time, the pharmacy has also been equipped with 6 Rowa Vmotion digital.

Guillaume Takvorian
Happy Pharmacie du Cannet des Maures
I am convinced of the performance of our robot, it has really improved our efficiency, space and time, which has allowed us to better serve our customers. Customers appreciate the digital shelves and the innovative approach to services that are offered to them as well.
Gaensefuesschen Case Studies
  • Sales area

    210 m²

  • Sales area before

    15 m²

  • Installation date

    January 2018

  • Project

    Reconstruction of an existing pharmacy

  • Shopfitter

    Cap agencement

How has Rowa helped?


The Rowa solutions have eliminated manual package handling tasks, reduced waiting times while providing accurate inventory management and optimal traceability. The robot´s compactness allows 23,000 boxes to be stored on 18 m² of floor space. This means a significant space saving compared to drawers.

Why Rowa Vmax and Rowa Vmotion? 


The digital shelves offer a completely new customer experience and allow products to be presented in a modern and clear way. Additionally, they provide support in customer service.

Important Keyfacts

  • Increased efficiency and speed
  • Reduced storage space
  • Modernizing the pharmacy layout
  • Reduce manual handling tasks
  • Improved inventory tracking
  • New customer experience