Christmas is coming early

Christmas is coming early with BD RowaTM

As year’s end and the holidays rush up to meet us, Christmas is coming early with the BD RowaTM Australia Team!

From special deals on our products and services to quick installations of our automation tools through to December 24th, we’re here to support your pharmacy in improving workflow and level of service.

Our goal: helping your Team focus more on the vital work of keeping your customers healthy and updated on the latest healthcare products and trends during this busy holiday season.

Three good reasons to invest in BD Rowa™ Solutions today:

SAFETY: Our automated pharmacy robots like the BD Rowa™ Smart or BD Rowa™ Vmax accurately store and dispense medication. And with ongoing pandemic social distancing regulations, they assist in ensuring a safe distance between pharmacy counter staff and your customers.

INNOVATION: With BD Rowa™ Dispensing Robots and Digital Selling Solutions, your pharmacy will stay at the forefront of modern retail and customer service and in tune with today’s customers and their specific needs and interests. Our portfolio – from pharmacy automation robots to products for your pharmacy communication, self-checkout and product pick-up services – can be configured to meet your individual needs and requirements.

CONVENIENCE: BD Rowa™ Products and Services come with installation design and support, and when you need it – provided by a fully service team across all the Australian states.

Contact us now for your “Christmas Comes Early” special offer and schedule an installation of a BD RowaTM Smart or BD RowaTM Vmax ahead of the holiday rush.

Configurate my BD Rowa™

Find suitable dispensing robots and set them in position – in 3D and augmented reality.

Automating your pharmacy’s services today is a gift of simplicity and convenience for you and your team, and state-of-the-art service for your customers. Let us help you bring efficiency to your business – to save time and money and allow you to focus on your customers!

Who we are

Dispensing Robots provide cutting edge technology for automated stock handling, storage and dispensing systems at hospitals and pharmacies worldwide. BD Rowa™ Dispensing Robots and Digital Selling Solutions have developed a strong and trusted market presence over the past decade that draws on the expertise gained from 250 installations in pharmacies and hospitals . Our wide range of solutions includes automation systems for the accurate dispensation of medication, innovative digital solutions for eye-catching and interactive visual in-store product presentations.

Our wide range of solutions includes automation systems for the safe and accurate dispensation of medication, and innovative digital solutions for eye-catching and interactive visual, in-store product presentations.

Our aim: offering top-quality service and advice to pharmacists and pharmacy owners looking to automate their dispensary and improve their business workflow.

The result: enhanced customer service and simplicity in your day-to-day operations and business.

Now more than ever, pharmacists are playing a vital role in the health of their customers and communities, serving as a source for the latest, most reliable healthcare information and services available.