DM Barone, Sicily

For DM Barone, offering an excellent service to its customers was fundamental. To do this it was necessary to optimize all the processes both in the storage and the preparation of orders. Thanks to the Rowa system, they have reached a level of efficiency that was not possible before.

Andrea Frettoli
DM Barone
We have chosen to collaborate with BD Rowa because it is equipped with a state-of-the-art customer support structure, is able to carry out in-depth analysis product movements and stock levels, and guarantees solutions that will demonstrate results for our business.
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  • Surface of the warehouse

    5,000 m²

  • Product range of the warehouse

    30,000 different articles

  • Number of DM Barone employees


  • Installation date


How has Rowa helped? 


The Rowa system has been integrated into an existing automatic set-up system, which dealt with high-rotation products. The project, designed ad hoc, consists of six Rowa Vmax divided into two blocks. The four Rowa ProLogs, managed by the Mosaic software, take care of balancing the distribution of stocks within the automatic warehouses and are used for the loading of 100% of the products while the semi-automatic load, instead, is chosen only in the rare cases of urgency. This decision was dictated by the fact that the productivity of the Rowa ProLog guarantees performance that ensures that the operator only has to carry out a supervision activity.

Why Rowa Vmax and Rowa Order Buffer?


The choice of Rowa Vmax was dictated by the fact that BD Rowa is the company with the most experience on the market of such storage solutions. Thanks to the strong integration with the warehouse mangement system, the Rowa storage and retrieval system knows in advance what orders and which products will be requested. So the order set-up begins faster thanks to the fact that the stocks are balanced in the different storage systems by Rowa ProLog. In this way, the order can be divided among the 6 order buffers, making the order flow fluid and continuous, avoiding the creation of bottlenecks, especially during peak order picking hours.

Important Keyfacts

  • Reduction of set-up times in the evening
  • More than 5,000 daily lines automated out of 26,000 total thanks to the 6 Rowa Order Bu¬ffer
  • 100% of the input of medications through Rowa ProLog and automated reading of the expiry dates with the OCR software
  • Automation of 70% of returned goods thanks to Rowa automation
  • 15 hours / man recovered